15 June 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - New Teen Titans: Lightning Round

You can never have too much Control Freak, on the other hand, you can't have the Brain appear and not talk - his voice is the best part. And speaking of voices, sounds like Cyborg got a guest voicer this time around. Overall, this was a pretty clever and funny little short which may have been inspired by the classic Cheers episode where Cliff played Jeopardy and by luck had all his favorite categories. Thanks to Cyborg, Beast Boy was on a roll. Hopefully he didn't wager it all in the final round.

14 June 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Rustlin' Rascals

If Plastic Man vs Yosemite Sam sounds good to you, this probably still would be a disappointment. For everyone else, good call. This show is just so cheesy. I am beginning to understand why it has all but been forgotten I wonder if I will be the only living person to have endured all of these episodes. I guess someone else may have sat through them if they lost a bet or something.

Episode Count: 0379
Series Count: (7 of 13)

13 June 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Mighty Museum Mess

At least this episode has a plot. Captain Perfect and Plas were competing for an elusive spot in the Superhero museum... by rescuing a hippo from tree!? See, when that's a good plot by comparison, you know the series has been awful. Don't take this as an endorsement, but this is easily the best so far. Did I mention Plas also fought a lizard-elephant?

Episode Count: 0378
Series Count: (6 of 13)

12 June 2013

Super History of Superman: The New Batman Adventures (1998)

Yes, this is a bit of a cheat since Superman isn't in it, even though he is mentioned. While Batman and Robin both appeared on the Superman animated series and Superman even traveled to Gotham City, Supes did not appear on either of the 90's Batman animated incarnations, but Supergirl did. In Girls' Nite Out, the Girl Wonder and Girl of Steel teamed up against Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Superman series original Livewire.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Ali Baba Baby

Baby talk, baby talk, its a wonder he can walk. Baby Plas really grates.  Obviously, I don't expect a show about a guy made of plastic to be realistic, but I still don't understand how Plas could turn into a working flying carpet. Logic, along with taste, has been abandoned. I am not even sure what this was about. They found a genie and then the genie tried to steal Penny for some reason, then the all powerful genie just gave up. Hell of a pitch!
Episode Count: 0377
Series Count: (5 of 13)

11 June 2013

UPDATED: Spotlight on Zod and Other Phantom Zone Villains

Update: Its almost here, but there's still time to brush up on Zod and Co. 

It's official - The Man of Steel will Kneel Before Zod. Believe it or not, a new Superman movie is underway and fresh off of the casting of Ma and Pa Kent and Lois Lane comes word that General Zod will face off against Superman in the upcoming movie simply titled The Man of Steel. Zod first appeared in 1961's Adventure Comics #283, and over the years has made a handful of onscreen appearances. Interestingly, and for reasons I do not completely understand, there have also been a number of other appearances by Zod inspired non-Zod phantom zone escapees as well. Let's take a look.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Big, Big Crush

"I'm being abducted by a love-struck lady bigfoot." Plastic Man's cry pretty much says it all. Based on Plas' previous love interests, I suppose Penny was right to be jealous. After fighting off lady Bigfoot's advances the lady finally met a man bigfoot and the rest was history. Holy cow these are bad. 

Episode Count: 0376
Series Count: (4 of 13)

10 June 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Baby Plas' Finny Friend

 The finny friend turned out to be a shark that wanted to eat Baby Plas. But since the baby threw a fit, Plas and Penny agreed to catch him for a pet. Excellent parenting once again on display. The episode ended with a shark in a bathtub and me wishing this series didn't exist.

Episode Count: 0375
Series Count: (03 of 13)