30 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - What is Reality?

One of the things that makes BTAS timeless was the retro modern approach to technology. Batman lives in a world with super computers and black and white monitors. Clearly the technology of the world developed differently from our own and that works most of the time. However, the inclusion of virtual reality which was all the rage in the 90's severely dates this episode. Nevertheless, I can roll with the idea that this is just how VR works in the world of BTAS - its based on the failed Nintendo Virtual Boy technology.

29 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Off Balance

 Not only does this one feature two substantial character debuts with Count Vertigo and Talia (three if you count the cameo by Ra's), but I consider this a milestone in the animated series. A lot of that may be in my head, but before the animated series I was not very familiar with the character of Ra's al Ghul. For the first half of this series, he was no where to be found, but with Off Balance, that world would be opened setting the stage for some epic clashes in the remaining episodes. And while I will take people's word for it that Ra's was big in the comics in the 70's, I credit his depiction here as much as anything with his eventual integration in the modern Batman movies. I could be completely wrong off course, but that's just my take. 

28 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - His Silicon Soul

 I have finally cracked open the third volume of BTAS DVDs for this viewing and am quite excited about many of the great episodes yet to come. His Silicon Soul is a great follow up to the Heart of Steel episodes featuring the return of HARDAC. I also feel this episode benefits from being watched soon after the previous HARDAC outing. While it may not be quite as substantive as the 2-parter was and it is a slight retread, but its still a highly enjoyable action packed episode. 

27 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Joker's Wild


The Joker does not like cashing in on his intellectual property as demonstrated by his vendetta against the Joker's Wild Casino. And while the initial plot of Joker revenge is not that enticing, there is an interesting twist which elevates this one a notch.

26 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?


It was nearly half way through the series run that we finally got the introduction to one of the big Bat-foes, the Riddler. And once again, the series proves that it knows how to introduce baddies. While I don't esteem this episode as highly as the great origins of Clayface or Two-Face, this is a personal favorite thanks in no small part to the Minotaur's Maze set and the notorious flying hand of fate. No sharps indeed!