17 February 2011

Another Mighty Trailer for Thor

Ha ha Facebook. Actually, that was pretty lame but the rest has really raised my anticipation for this movie. This really could be an amazing summer at the movies.

15 February 2011

A Con Man is Coming to Smallville

Now a lot of people may be confused by this announcement, but Superboy is coming to Smallville. Now you may be thinking, isn't this show (or at least wasn't it) about Superboy. Well... yes and no. Although back in the day Superboy was just a young Superman, since 1993 Superboy has been a completely different character - a clone made from some some sort of non-romantic mix of DNA from Superman and Lex Luthor. The modern Boy of Steel has taken the name Kon-El aka Connor Kent and he looks to don his trademark t-shirt and jeans on Smallville soon.

14 February 2011

Spider-Man is Officially Amazing

The Spider-Man reboot has an official title to slap on its fancy new "web"-site and its perfect. The Amazing Spider-Man opens July 3, 2012 and just may be followed up by a "Spectacular" sequel a few years later.

Green Lantern Emerald Knights DVD Cover Unveiled

Not that I can discern too much from this cover, but I imagine it will look nice on my shelf which contains the complete animated works of DC.

13 February 2011

Watch All Star Superman Now!

In what is becoming a fine tradition of DC animated films, All Star Superman has leaked online. It is a shame I couldn't wait to watch it on a bigger screen in higher resolution because this is an amazing film... easily the best onscreen version of Superman in years.

Watch it here while it lasts
and buy it on Feb 22.