30 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Super Pets: Krypto vs. Streaky

For the magical short numbered 75, we were thrown a bit of a bone with a cute segment featuring a hyperactive Krypto and a cameo by a Superman (at least Superman below the neckline). While I maintain that Super Pets is better than Farm League, I think I am ready to return to adventures of the human counterparts, unless we are talking about Bat-Cow that is. 

29 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Girl of His Dreams


This episode of Shazam! has been referred to as the lost episode because, well because its lost. But some recent detective work has led me to believe that it may not exist at all. Maybe it was planned but never produced, or maybe it is just a myth altogether. I will present evidence for and against it and let other draw their own conclusions until more concrete evidence is presented.

28 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - A Little Something Extra

Even though Black Adam had been reduced to an ash pile, somehow he was still the most likely culprit... His plot wasn't very well thought out though - plant a fake story in the newspaper and then make a river explode. Sure... The highlight of course had to be the mummy-ghosts. I always love me a mummy. Though the oozing lava men were also a bit of fun. I am pretty mixed on the Mxyzptlkian defeat of Adam. While it was fun seeing him tricked into saying Shazam, he is not the sharpest tack in the box. Both tricks were awfully feeble. I also don't get why this time he was thrust back in time. I guess that's what you get when dealing with magic. 

27 November 2013

Super History of Superman: MAD Presents (2012-)

One of the less impressive additions to DC Nation has been "MAD Presents" editing segments from the animated MAD series into repackaged shorts.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Uncle Dudley's Wedding Day

Uncle Dudley is a doofus and so him getting the spotlight was not a welcome thought. For some reason, the evil Aunt Minerva wanted a piece of the Dusdter's action. She even had a room devoted to him with its own "chamber". Old people can be creepy... AND I am not sure why she had her own spaceship, even if it was made in Rio de Janeiro. This was such an awful episode and was all over the place it went from love potions to robbing Fort Knox and amnesia. The series is quickly running out of chances to be decent. At this point I am just crossing my fingers that Dudley doesn't get another spotlight.

Episode Count: 0471
Series Count: (07 of 12)

26 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Family Affair

You know how some shows are so bad they are good? This was worse than that. Does that mean its a masterpiece or a crap pile. See if you can guess. One aspect I liked was the inclusion of Dr. Sivana's family and how his son and daughter managed to be creepy and cost effective by having identical faces with different hair. It was also admittedly funny that the three super powered baddies wound up in a literal block of big red cheese - their nickname for Captain Marvel.

25 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Black Adam's Return

Black Adam is probably the series best villain so far, even if his "thing" is turning heroes into dogs and aside from the fact that the dude was whipped. At least the story had a semi coherent plot including the origin of (Teth) Black Adam who gained powers from the Wizard Shazam. Too bad he doesn't look likely to return. The magic angle also suits this series much better than the pseudo science of Sivana or Mr. Mind. Even though I did not love this one, I think it must be the best episode so far - hardly a ringing endorsement, but at least a step in the right direction.