01 July 2011

Spotlight on the Enchantress

Rumors are a swirling that Thor may face off against the Enchantress (and her sidekick the Executioner) in 2013's Thor 2. Its time for a refresher on the sorceress, Lady Amora. The Enchantress AKA Amora first appeared in Marvel's Journey Into Mystery #103 in 1964 along with axe wielding hench-goon The Executioner also known as Skurge. Basically, Amora loves Thor who loves Jane Foster (and later Sif), but Skurge and loves Amora forming a complicated love polygon.

The Enchantress first appeared onscreen in the 1966 Marvel Super Heroes cartoon in which she made her first attempt at seducing the Thunder God in his Donald Blake persona.

It would not be until 2009 that the Enchantress would return to screen in Hulk Vs. (Thor). In the movie, the Enchantress whose love was spurned by Thor, aided Loki in his scheme to topple Asgard.

Later in 2009 Amora was seen in The Super Hero Squad Show.

The Enchantress and Executioner returned in 2010 to torment Thor and the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes on The Avengers animated series. During the shows first season, Amora, working in cahoots with Loki, joined Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil.

In a bit of fan service, Amora was given a brief scene teaching Loki how to manipulate water during the opening of the 2011 animated DtV Thor: Tales of Asgard. Seeing as how the Enchantress has been featured so frequently in recent years after a long time out of the spotlight, it just may be time for the emerald sorceress to take center stage as Thor's adversary in the upcoming live action sequel. We shall see.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Electric Earthquake

Original Airdate: May 15, 1942

Superman was called in to stop an underwater earthquake machine from leveling Manhattan (as if lasers, a comet, and robot attackers weren't enough).

Best Part: Underwater Superman looked great and was a nice change of scenery. Say what you want about these episodes being a little dated. The animation was fantastic, especially underwater. Supes cape's fluid movements showcased the animator's talents.

Worst Part: The evil Native American (but still a scientist) trying to reclaim Manhattan for “his people” was a tad on the uncomfortable racial stereotyping side.

Episode Count: 0007
Series Count: (7 of 17)

30 June 2011

Thor Shall Return From Asgard in 2013

The sequel to Thor has been set for July 26, 2013. This strategic date has all but set up Marvel for a box out of DC during 2013 who may have been considering a Flash movie at some point during the summer. Who knows, it could still happen providing a semi- deja vu of this year's super-sized summer of comic book films. As it stands, Iron Man 3 and Deadpool are also slated for summer 2013 with possible Daredevil and Fantastic Four reboots to vie for remaining release dates along with the fastest man alive. The more the merrier sayest I!

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Magnetic Telescope

Original Airdate: April 24, 1942

More science gone awry. This time a scientist used a giant magnet to pull a comet toward the Earth. Sure he didn’t intend for it to crash into the planet, but what was his goal? Just to sneak a closer peak? Fortunately, Superman was on the job.

Best Part: Although I would never wish permanent harm on my favorite Kryptonian, I did enjoy watching him get pummeled in this episode. Its interesting seeing Superman with limited powers. Since he couldn't fly he unsuccessful jumped at the comet and got hammered. Eventually he opted to electrocute himself in order to complete a circuit to a repeller beam.

Worst Part: Superman saved the day and the lights went out. Lois gave him a kiss in the dark. Lights on, oops it was Clark. Way to almost blow your cover dude. You still would have gotten the kiss in the Superman suit.

Episode Count: 0006
Series Count: (6 of 17)

29 June 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Bulleteers

Original Airdate: March 27, 1942

Manhattan was held for ransom under threat of bullet car attack. What are bullet cars you ask? Essentially just missiles with people in them that don't explode. Why not just a regular car attack, or even better, a missile attack? Who knows. The city did not give in, so the bullet cars targeted a power plant.

Best Part: Even though he was still in leap mode, Superman managed to destroy a bullet car in flight, even ripping the top off of the rocket. Nice little action sequence!

Worst Part: Bullet cars? Did a 3 year old write this?

Episode Count: 0005
Series Count: (5 of 17)

28 June 2011

Sneak Peek of Wolverine and Iron Manime Crossing Paths

So far, the X-Men Anime looks promising, Iron Man looks OK and Wolverine looks like it could be a disaster. Based on this clip, Wolverine's look is just off, and being voiced by Peter Petrelli doesn't help...

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Arctic Giant

Original Airdate: February 26, 1942

A frozen Tyrannosaurus was brought to the museum and accidentally thawed. What came out looked a lot more like Nessie and Godzilla's love child than a T-Rex, but she sure was big. Considering this short predated Godzilla by 12 years, the episode deserves some major props.

Best Part: Hey, if Supes isn't going to fly, then this is what I want to see. Superman went hoptastic jumping across town like a mad man and it was actually pretty fun to watch. He should consider an endorsement deal with Nike.

Worst Part: I expected Lois to be in peril from the monster, but she practically threw herself into its mouth forcing a rescue. C'mon Lois don't be so desperate. Superman will save you even if you chillax a bit.

Episode Count: 0004
Series Count: (4 of 17)
Dino Attack Count: 0001

27 June 2011

Cars Nabs the Weekend Checkered Flag

Cars 2 raced into theaters this weekend easily coming int first with a $68 million take. What did that mean for the superhero films? Well, Green Lantern took a steep tumble, accruing just $18 million toward a $89 million cumulative take. X-Men mustered another $6.6 million and is still headed toward a sub $150 million finish. Thor continues its slow march toward $180 million. This upcoming week should be interesting with the Transformers launching a full on assault on the box office and the other films hopefully getting a 4th of July boost.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Billion Dollar Limited

Original Airdate: January 9, 1942

Superman protected a gold carrying train in route to the mint from robbers. It was strange that even though Superman was clearly shown flying, complete with midair course change in the first episode, he now seemed resigned to merely leaping. Maybe he just didn't want to show off. Thankfully, the introduction of flight was not far off.

Best Part: It was quite impressive watching Superman catch a falling train and leap it back to safety. I'd like to see Batman try that.

Worst Part: Unfortunately, after the train engine was destroyed, Superman decided to do a Thomas the Tank Engine impression, pulling the train to the station. This just really looked goofy, but to give credit where its due, Kal sure was really moving!

Episode Count: 0003
In Series Count: (3 of 17)