03 August 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Antidote

Enuk chuck! Enter Apache Chief along with Wonder Woman tasked with finding a giant cobra in order to synthesize an antidote from cobras... Sure I guess I can go with that. The cobras alone sold me, but the poison dart flowers were the icing on the cake. So far, the mix of episodes in these all new hours have been a lot of fun. The plots have been pretty ridiculous, but the brisk pace has kept things entertaining. Can't wait to "meet" Samurai. Oh, does "enuk chuck" really translate to "big man" in Apache? and its a good thing his pants grew too without him having to say "big pants."

Episode Count: 0240
Series Count: (08 of 60)
First Appearance: Apache Chief


  1. An inuksuk is a giant stone structure that resemble a person, so yes, I guess it does sort of translate to "big man". We have a bunch up here in Canada since it was a popular way for Inuit people to mark territory and scare away predators.


  2. Its good to know they did their research :)

  3. May I have your permission to post link on Tumblr?