02 April 2009

What to Expect From Green Lantern: First Flight

When: 28 Jul 2009

Who is in it: There are any number of Green Lanterns in the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps. Perhaps the most iconic, and the star of this film is Hal Jordan. I guess that depends on who you ask though. My wife, who endures my obsession with Superheroes, saw the preview for this movie and said, "I thought the Green Lantern was black." Ah, Justice League, your impact has been felt.

My first exposure to Hal was through Superfriends. And although Batman is my favorite Superhero, I have always thought Green Lantern, with all of his constructs, was the coolest. Of course, the baddie (well one of the baddies) is Sinestro, and the Lantern that looks like a hippopotamus, Kilowog, will also be featured. A female named Boodikka will also shake her booty in the movie.

What to expect: I admit, my knowledge of the world of Green Lantern is pretty much limited to what I have learned from Justice League and Superfriends. I think his weakness is the color yellow, but I am not sure if that's still true. From the title, it sounds like this is an origin tale, and I know that it involves Hal's first days as a Lantern under the tutelage of Sinestro. Other than that I don't know much. If this will be pretty much the same plot as the upcoming Green Lantern feature film, I don't know either, but hopefully its got its own spin.

My hopes for this are pretty high for a couple of reasons. First, aside from the misfire of Batman: Gotham Knight the DC DtVs have been pretty good - the best of them being Wonder Woman and Superman: Doomsday. It just so happens that director Lauren Montgomery directed both of those and will direct GL too. Also, its about time GL got his due. If Iron Man can be a break out hit, why not GL?

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