29 July 2011

Watch the Entire Wonder Woman Pilot Now

Still want to satisfy your morbid curiosity? You can watch the entire leaked Wonder Woman pilot for the series intended to air in Fall of 2011 right now. Act fast because I imagine it won't be around forever.


  1. Really hard to watch. So much botox everywhere. Rather sad. Cary Elwis with botox too? Bad camera angles. Novice director? She's having a hard time with her costume, or walking at all. She funds her endeavors through merchandising herself?! Elizabeth Hurley has become a zombie actress. Bracelets are aluminum-colored plastic? Halle Berry Catwoman story. Breast implants and definitely NOT a "perfect butt". Bit-part of the senator was a good actor (the only one here). Super-cheesey micro-plane. Really REALLY bad wire-work. She murders several folks needlessly. Ultimately, the nemesis Veronica Cale trying to make stronger folks through legal drugs is not evil, and WonderWoman interferes and murders needlessly. A true criminal. Sentimental music from LOST used ashamedly at the end.

  2. I don't think it's so bad. I bet given time this show could get pretty good. I dislike that she has no secret identity or invisible jet, I mean c'mon they're synonymous with W.W. ! ! ! I was actually swayed more when they took her out of those yoga pants and put her something close to the original costume! I'd give it a shot.

  3. I suspect this is only a partially edited copy. Really did not find it terribly bad. Much worse exists on tv. At least it was different and could potentially have improved.

  4. I actually found this to be quite entertaining and enjoyable! I felt that they steered towards the "newer" more "rookie" styled Wonder Woman, much like how they portrayed her in the Justice League Animated Series. And I also felt the minor issues in this T.V. series, but what series, based on a comic book or not, isn't flawed story-wise? As a fan of DC comics and Wonder Woman, I honestly felt this show could've been a great T.V. hit. But for now, back to hoping for another W.W. T.V. series I guess.

  5. I think this should would have a had a good pilot rating, with decent reviews. A shaky start to the season, but eventually would have gotten better and grown on to become a hit show. Here's hoping someone picks it up again and they also do go forward with the Blue Beetle Live TV Show. That would be pretty good.

  6. This is not the final release.The wires that you see in the fight scenes were to be removed later.Some of the music may sound familiar, thats because they have borrowed some music here and there--- from Ironman 2.
    I dont know if they planned on releasing the final score like this, or maybe that was some music fillers until the final score was done.Does anybody know about that? I know sometimes music from previous movies and shows are released in new movies and shows.
    I always thought this to be a cop-out creatively, when shows, or movies do this.
    I think this series,-- maybe --could have lasted a season, or two...but thats it.
    She killed the guy because he was trying to kill her.To me, Wonderwoman is an amazon that has no problem killing.Like the WonderWoman in Alex Ross's Kingdomcome. My problem with this WonderWoman is the casting.WonderWoman has to be dead-on---like Superman, or Batman.
    Its got to be the full package.Perfect body, face,and the voice too!
    She has to get a gut reaction from you, that what you are perceiving is Wonderwoman.
    This wonderwoman did not cause me to perceive her that way.Also, wonderwoman flies now---like superman.

  7. P.S. Linda Carter is the only pilot to be picked-up-- out of three-- for a reason.
    She had all the winning qualities. She had an innocence also. I get no sense of innocence with this wonderwoman.This wonderwoman, comes across like she may have made a xxx video at some point! Wonderwoman's appeal is that she has been on that island, and really does not understand completely-- why males find her so attractive.
    So then, Wonderwoman---is like a female superman.
    You have to go to great pains in casting her.They need to look at Linda Carter as the gold standard. The other two failed wonderwoman pilots bear this out.

  8. is there a reason why the video will not load?

  9. Not sure. I just ran it fine. You have to clear out the annoying popup window first though.