07 May 2009

The Justice League: A Super Friendly Tour (Part 2)

Improving on the guest star status granted by The Superman / Aquaman Hour of Adventure, The Justice League would appear in their own series in 1973 simply titled Super Friends.

Super Friends

Other than Superman and Aquaman (who didn't actually appear in the previous Justice League) the core previous League members were dropped and replaced with the more popular Batman and Robin as well as Wonder Woman (not Wonder Woman had her invisible jet and the ability to fly without it). But no kids series would be complete without-you guessed it-kids (I guess Robin alone wasnt good enough). You can view part of the rare 1st episode "The Power Pirate" here:

This series added junior non-powered heroes/detective/Scooby Doo knock-offs Wendy, Marvin, and Wonderdog. The team operated out of the Hall of Justice and was dispatched to deal with criminals, alien invasions, natural disasters, and so forth. Other heroes including Flash, Plastic Man, and Green Arrow were occasional guest stars.

Lasted just 16 hour long episodes, the series gained quite a fanbase after cancellation. The next several subsequent "series" would really just be continuations of Super Friends with varying hero rosters operating out of the same Hall of Justice.

Availability: This series is not yet available on DVD

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