06 August 2009

The Justice League: A Super Friendly Tour (Part 14)

Justice League Unlimited

Building on the success of Justice League, the series was rebranded and expanded into Justice League Unlimited. The show continued in this format for 39 episodes which made up two epic story arcs.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern John Stewart, and Hawkgirl were joined by a load of new heores, a few of which were spotlighted in each episode. The newbies included guest stars from Superman and Justice League and a host of newbies including: Aquaman, The Atom, Aztek, Big Barda, Black Canary, Blue Devil, Booster Gold, B'wana Beast, Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Crimson Avenger, Doctor Fate, Doctor Light, Dove, Elongated Man, Etrigan the Demon, Fire, Green Arrow, Hawk, Hawkman, Huntress, Long Shadow, Metamorpho, Mister Miracle, Mister Terrific, Orion, The Question, Red Tornado, Shining Knight, Stargirl, Static, Steel, and S.T.R.I.P.E., Supergirl, Vigilante, Vixen, Wildcat, and Zatanna.

Additionally, Atom Smasher, Creeper, Crimson Fox, Doctor Mid-Nite, Gypsy, Hourman, Ice, Johnny Thunder, Nemesis, Nightwing, Obsidian, Sand, Starman, Ray, Rocket Red, Thunderbolt, Vibe, and Waverider could be spotted in non-speaking roles.

To provide a challenge for the expanded League, villains likewise assembled into formidable forces highlighted by Ares, the return of AMAZO, Doomsday, and the rise of Lexiac (Luthor / Brainiac). Stories even brought heroes into conflict with one another providing knock down drag out encounters between Superman and Captains Atom and Marvel.

During the last season of the show, the Legion of Doom was featured as the villains anted up on the "Unlimited" team approach. Foes included Atomic Skull, Captain Cold, Bizarro, Sonar , Key, Captain Boomerang, Cheetah, Chronos, Copperhead, Deadshot, Doctor Polaris, Devil Ray, Goldface, Gentleman Ghost, Giganta, Killer Frost, Gorilla Grodd, The Trickster, Lex Luthor, Mirror Master, Star Sapphire, Plastique, Tala, The Shade, Silver Banshee, Sinestro, Toyman, and Volcana.

Much of the season showed a struggle for leadership between Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd, but in the end, it was the return of Darkseid that nearly overwhelmed the League.

All good things come to an end, and in 2006 the end of this series marked an historic end of an animation age that began with Batman: The Animated Series and spanned Superman, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and JLU. The series shared a continuity known as the DC Animated Universe (DCAU).

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