04 September 2009

Evolution of the Batman (and Robin) - Batman Serial

And so it begins, a 30+ part feature following the Batman from his earliest days as a wee baby bat until he matured into The Dark Knight, and beyond... Batman's sidekicks Robin and Batgirl will also get their fair share of attention during this series. Hope you enjoy.

In May 1939, Batman appeared in the the pages of Detective Comics #27.

Robin, The Boy Wonder, debuted a year later in issue #38.

In 1943, The Dynamic Duo made their big screen debut in a 15 chapter movie serial, beginning with The Electrical Brain. The story focused on a US government agent Batman taking on Japanese agent Dr. Daka and his zombie making device.

The serials, made during World War II, have not aged so well as they are filled with racial slurs and poor production values. Also, Batman was not a vigilante, because of course, that would be wrong. On the plus side, the serials were responsible for introducing the bat cave along with its grandfather clock entrance to Batman lore.

The serial was popular enough to justify a sequel serial a few years later. And continued popularity paved the way for the BIF, BANG, POW 1960's television series and for nearly 70 years more of Caped Crusader adventures and counting.

Mmmmmmm, Batman Cereal.

Up Next: Batman and Robin Serial

Batman Serial

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