09 October 2009

Musical History of Batman

On October 30th, the long awaited musical episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold will air on Cartoon Network. The much hyped episode will feature the Music Meister, voiced by Dr. Horrible himself. But, this is not the first time Batman has been teamed with music.

In his many iterations, Batman has been given various and memorable theme music. Though I wont go through them all, I will list some of the best. Perhaps best of all was 1989's by Danny Elfman:

Also memorable were the 1960's series theme:

and the theme to The Dark Knight:

In addition to the themes to movies and TV series, Batman himself has actually had a few close encounters with music. In 2000, the Batman Beyond episode Out of the Past featured performances in a Broadway style Batman Musical:

In 2003, the Chase Me special feature with the Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman DVD on the film, featured a Batman and Catwoman dialogueless short set to jazz and piano music:

In 2004, the This Little Piggy episode of Justice League Unlimited featured Batman settling a debt with Circe by singing Am I Blue:

Though the Brave and the Bold episode, having already aired internationally, can be found on YouTube, I have posted the songs from the episode here. Enjoy. Mayhem of the Music Meister:

The Music Meister:

Drives us Bats:

The World is Mine!:

If Only:

Death Trap:

If Only (Reprise):

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  1. Batman was also in Philipine movie franchise (6 films + spoof of 60s serial, filmed in 1991), and there were japan Batman in "Flying Centipede", Mexican Batman in "La verdadera historia de Barman y Droguin", and also asian film "Super Batman & Mazinger V" aka Super Betaman (1990) and turkish Batman-movie "Yarasa adam - Bedmen" (1973)