16 July 2012

First Look at Bane of Shanghai and More DC Nation Shorts

DC Nation is on a hot streak. Last week's new series Bat Man of Shanghai is perhaps the best yet. Although a skinny Bane made a cameo a just released video preview of upcoming DC Nation shorts gives the first glimpse of a venom infused Bane who will appear this Saturday. This Saturday also teases a New Teen Titans short, Red X Unmasked. Its going to be an epic weekend even if the main shows are in reruns. Along with the glimpse of Shanghai Bane, the preview footage offered first looks at several other upcoming series.

One of my most anticipated, Amethyst of Gemworld

Black Lightning's daughters in Thunder and Lightning.

Black Lightning himself

and Master of Disaster New Wave

Shade the Changing Man

an Shade, the Bat Man?

The Justice League of Animals

Lex Liger

And The Doom Patrol


  1. Yes! True BANE!!! Large, with venom and muscules! Yep!

  2. That isn't Killer Frost. It is New Wave from the Masters of Disaster. That ice blast is actually from Coldsnap (not Captain Cold). Shakedown was also seen in the footage as well.

    1. Nice! I admit I have never heard of those guys so thanks.

  3. I agree that this character is New Wave... and that looks like a water blast of her own.

  4. The Masters of Disaster first appeared in Batman and the Outsiders in the 80s... they were originally hired to kill Black Lightning, so it is very apt to make them adversaries for this short.

  5. Big guy in green? Yes.

  6. that black lighting show should be a real show not a short...