25 January 2010

Spotlight on Aqualad

If you think Aquaman has it rough being the constant butt of jokes in the DC Universe, think about how his sidekick must feel. The lad first appeared in the 1967 DC Super Heroes Filmation series as a member of the Teen Titans.

In 1968, this same incarnation of the the character appeared as Aquaman's sidekick in the animated Aquaman series. Here he was frequently called by his affectionate nickname, "Tadpole." He fought along side with not only Aquaman but with their mascot walrus Tusky and their trusty steeds Storm and Imp.

Aqualad would resurface some 30+ years later on the Teen Titans animated series eventually becoming a member of the Titans East team.

In 2010, Aqualad would return once again with a look much more in line with his classic design on Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

The episode laid the foundation for the Teen Titans formation as the three sidekicks of Batman, Green Arrow, and Aquaman came into their own by defeating R'as Al Ghul. But even though the grown up Robin eventually got pants, Aqualad seemed perfectly content fighting crime in his swim suit.

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