05 March 2010

Smallville Saaaaaaaaaaaaved For Season 10

I still enjoy Smallville and season 9 with its Major Zod and the City of Kandor storyline has be decent, but at this point I am just hanging on for the series finale. In fact ever since Smallville was supposed to end in season 7, I get the sense that fans are most anxious for that final story arc leading up to Superman donning his costume and finally flying. Its getting pretty ridiculous that everyone else can fly, including the only recently powered Zod, but not Clark who incidentally could hover sleep way back in season 1.

Having said that, there have been some significant nods to the Superman mythos that we would have missed had it all ended in season 7. Since then with varying levels of success we got Doomsday, the Bottle City of Kandor, Zod as an actual villain lasting more than 5 minutes, Metallo, the Legion of Superheroes, the JSA, Amanda Waller and Checkmate (still in progress), and Lois and Clark with a real relationship. Of course we also lost some ground with the deaths of Jimmy Olsen (retconned to be NOT Jimmy Olsen) and Lex Luthor. Which leads to the next point, which is, what is the point of season 10 anyway?

One rumor going around is that the renewal of Smallville was delayed while a contract was being worked on to bring back Lex Luthor. Not sure how that played out, but having Lex back alive in some way before the series ends is crucial. I hope this turns out to be true. Other than that it seems like all we will be getting is more of the same. I would love to see a live action Darkseid eventually but I am not sure Smallville is the proper forum. What other major villains are left? I expect we will also get more guest stars but the ones we really want are Wonder Woman and Batman, neither or which is likely. If more guest stars just means an appearance by Booster Gold, I could pass. Will season 10 even be the last? Most likely, but that's what I have been thinking for the last 3 years so who knows.


  1. I say bring in Earth-2 Lex. Everyone loved it when Lex was trying to be a good guy back in the early seasons. Then the major villain can be....Owlman! He's in the cartoons and DTVs, why not here too?

  2. D: ...What's wrong with Booster Gold? Certainly better than the Wonder Twins...