21 July 2010

More Green Bits of Lantern Tid

Via unreliable internet repostings are some rumored tidbits about the Green Lantern movie (with my commentary in italics).

1) The film will be based mainly on "Secret Origins".
I assume this is in reference to the recent flashback story from Green Lantern #29-35 recounting the death of Abin Sur and first mission of Hal Jordan under Lantern Sinestro.

2) The CGI of the suit seen on the Entertainment Weekly cover is not finished.
Nor is it in motion, so it may look better onscreen.. but why isn't it finished? Seems odd to do a partial reveal.

3) The mask was photoshopped in. The real mask will look more physical and not spray-painted on his face.
Yeah, I kinda assumed.

4) 25 alien Green Lanterns, each with a different energy signature, were designed for major and minor roles in the movie.
Kilowog, Tomar-Re, Ch'p? The possibilities are endless.

5) A key-scene in the third act will feature all the 3.600 Green Lanterns.

6) Parallax's origin is different from the comics.
Hmm, that worries me a bit, but could be fine if done well.

7) Sinestro's mustache is definitely in. His look was based mainly on Ivan Reis' drawings (currently pencilling [sic] Green Lantern vol. 4)
Yeah, Sinestro has to have a mustache.

8) Writers have already outlined ideas for the second and the third movie, which include Sinestro's downfall; The Sinestro Corps War; the destruction of Coast City; Hal Jordan becoming Parallax and etc.
Would they really let Hal Jordan become Parallax. That would take cajones, but I would love to see it. Would they turn the franchise over to Kyle Rayner, or would the whole saga resolve in a single film? The Sinestro Corps War would be a big hit. We can only hope. But lets focus on getting one good movie to start. Better one solid film that three (or one) steaming turd.

9) One of the main alien Green Lanterns is a completelly [sic] original character and his design was created by Ivan Reis.
Why. Are they really strapped for Lanterns? Is his name Poochie?

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