06 August 2010

Marvelous Animation Tour - The Fantastic Four (1978)

A decade after the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man got the animated treatment, they would return in another animated series... well at least three of them would. Johnny Storm had been independently licensed and was thus not available for inclusion in the series. And, since its hard to call the show Fantastic Four with only three members, a fantastic fourth was created - H.E.R.B.I.E. the lovable robot.

This series didn't fair any better than the previous series, lasting just 13 episodes in the Fall of 1978 though a good number of Marvel villains were showcased during the short run. Of course Doc Doom was in the house, but so were Magneto, and Sandman as a member of the Frightful Four. Don't worry, this wouldn't be the last we would see of the the legendary team...

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