27 June 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Billion Dollar Limited

Original Airdate: January 9, 1942

Superman protected a gold carrying train in route to the mint from robbers. It was strange that even though Superman was clearly shown flying, complete with midair course change in the first episode, he now seemed resigned to merely leaping. Maybe he just didn't want to show off. Thankfully, the introduction of flight was not far off.

Best Part: It was quite impressive watching Superman catch a falling train and leap it back to safety. I'd like to see Batman try that.

Worst Part: Unfortunately, after the train engine was destroyed, Superman decided to do a Thomas the Tank Engine impression, pulling the train to the station. This just really looked goofy, but to give credit where its due, Kal sure was really moving!

Episode Count: 0003
In Series Count: (3 of 17)

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