06 October 2011

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Pilot (1993) - Discount Review

Recommended For: With Smallville having ended and no Superman or other high profile superhero movies on the Fall schedule and The Man of Steel still two years off, it just may be time to dust off this old series. 

Heroes: Superman

Villains: Lex freaking Luthor

Diabolical Scheme: Lex tried to sabotage a space station so he could get rich off of a Lex Luthor branded replacement.

Comic Book Logic: By now, either you are on board with glasses obscuring Clark Kent's identity or you aren't. Fine. But in this pilot Clark was wearing the glasses all along, even before he came up with the Superman identity. That made absolutely no sense. Maybe he just liked the way they made him look.  

Coolest Moment(s): Superman saved the day by eating a bomb.

Worst Moment: The costume making montage, set to the tune of "I need a hero," was awful and when the actual Superman suit was revealed, it really looked silly because it wasn't much different that the "joke" suits.

Review in 50 Words or Less: More light-hearted than Smallville, the L&C pilot still focused more on the character of Clark Kent than Superman. Even with a shortage of suited Superman and dated fashion all around, there is enough nostalgic charm to get you to cheer for the Man of Steel as the spunky Lois Lane.

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