15 November 2011

Amthyst Princess of Gemworld and Other DC Nation Theories

Since initially posting images from the DC Nation promotional video (along with the Aardman Claymation Batman and Teen Titans burping video) some theories have emerged about what exactly will be included in DC Nation. On the top of the list of images that is receiving attention is the above image of a young lass riding a flying unicorn. Although my initial thought was that this must be from a Super Best Friends Forever (aka Super BFF) short, perhaps showcasing Starfire, I came across another theory at Thoughtnami that the image is actually of Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld, a character published by DC comics in the 1980's. Who, you ask?

Further investigation revealed this image from issue #6 of the aforementioned title. Wow! Thoughtnami may be on to something here.

Next up, lets look at his image of Superman with what looks like a pacifier in front of a Japanese flag.

The DC Nation image bears a striking resemblance to the title card from the Fleischer / Famous Superman serials.

Another image appeared showing Superman as a duck, Batman as a mosquito, Wonder Woman as a mouse, Flash as a fish, Green Lantern as a cat, Martian Manhunter as a vulture, Robin as an egg, Cyborg as a flea, B'wana Beast as a bear, Lex Luthor as a hairless monkey, Sinestro as a hippo, and Brainiac as a bull.

This calls to mind the super team Just'a Lotta Animals from the pages of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!

Lastly, upon my most recent viewing I spotted Dr Light, presumably from one of the Chibi Titans shorts. 

Light looked awfully similar to his design in the Teen Titans animated series where he served as a recurring villain.

Here is the orginal promotional video. Any other theories of treats that DC has in store?

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