23 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze

"But what's this? An ice cream man from outer space?" The ice cream man aka Mr. Freeze (making his animated debut) demanded 1 BILLION dollars, Dr. Evil style, or else he would freeze Gotham. Somehow, millionaire Bruce Wayne managed to pony up the billion to bait the trap. But stupidly, Batman and Robin accidentally let Mr. Freeze get the money which started off a whole sequence of inane events.

Rather than just catching Freeze and torturing him to find the stolen loot (which had been frozen in an iceberg with the help of a mind controlled stolen whale), Batman and Robin decide to commit a few crimes to get on Freeze's good side. Then they caught Freeze, but let him go pretending to become partners. Freeze, realizing the whole thing was an obvious act froze the duo and tried to turn them into ice cubes (literally, like in an ice cube factory). But with the utility belts and all, they thawed out and nabbed Freeze.

Geez, this was pretty ridiculous. All I can say about this series is that at least there haven't been any alien invasions so far. Also, at least the villains aren't random nobodies. Freeze didn't have much personality, but what little he had was more than most of the "Felons of the Week " have. Oh, and I did get a death trap, so can't complain too much.
Episode Count: 0167
Series Count: (3 of 34)
First Appearance: Mr. Freeze
First Appearance: Alfred Pennyworth

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