15 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Operation Rescue

Two dino attacks in two days! And both with Pterodactyls! Have I mentioned how great the Teen Titans are? As if that weren't enough, the episode also featured spear throwing unicorn men. Speedy and Aqualad AKA Robin Hood and Gill Head were captured and being held to "protect the mutants secret." What secret you ask?  I guess just that they existed. "Wonder Chick" and Twinkle Toes took out the unicorns and the Titans all escaped. Once again, this was a pretty fun episode with lots of Titans camaraderie. Of the batch, this was probably the most over the top with the unicorn-men and also in the constantly employed nicknames bandied about. Still, its a keeper.

Episode Count: 0164
Series Count: (3 of 3)
Dino Attack Count: 0005

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