10 December 2009

Evolution of the Batman (and Robin) - The New Batman Adventures

In 1997, Warner Brothers commissioned an additional 24 episodes of Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS) to be paired with episodes of Superman: The Animated Series to create the Batman Superman Hour.

The characters, including Batman were redesigned giving this season / series a sleek look. Batman would lose the blue hues and go for a simple black and gray guise. This group of episodes would be referred to as The New Batman Adventures, though the characters and stories were continuations of those begun in the BTAS. These episodes would also focus a bit less on the solo Batman and more on the "Bat family."

A new younger Robin, Tim Drake (the comic book Robin at the time), was introduced with a "redder" look.

The BTAS Robin, Dick Grayson, would continue to appear as Nightwing after having a falling out with and punching the Bat.

The villains also were redesigned (though mostly for the worse).

This set of episodes featured some surprisingly dark episodes like "Over the Edge" featuring the death of Batgirl.

Another classic episode, "Legends of the Dark Knight" featured three kids telling stories about Batman. One features a 50's style animated silly Batman and Joker complete with giant killer piano and short shorts Robin.

The same episode delivered a fairly true adaptation of a scene from The Dark Knight Returns.

In all, The New Batman Adventures was a nice way to tie up the Batman series, while retrofitting Gotham city to fit in a little better with the growing DC animated universe.

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  2. I hated the way Catwoman looked in this cartoon

  3. I think it was even better than BTAS