17 May 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - It's All Greek to Me

Although Wonder Girl had appeared as a member of the Teen Titans, Wonder Woman never appeared during the heyday of Filmation's DC series. In 1972, Filmation finally got the chance to animate the Amazon in a rare crossover appearance on an episode of The Brady Kids.

I am not going to really review The Brady Kids show itself or anything because before this I had never seen a single second of the show, but right from the get go things were pretty ridiculous. I was imagining how Wonder Woman would appear on this show, but right out of the gate it was apparent that this animated series dropped any semblance of realism, kinda like Gilligan's Planet (its also a real show believe it or not) this took the original concept to bizarre new levels. The kids lived in a tree house with a pair of pet pandas and a magical talking and hat-wearing bird, but no Alice to be found. Suddenly, meeting Wonder Woman didn't seem so far fetched.  

So, Jan was at the University working on a Math project. Diana Prince happened to work there but had to run off when she heard a radio report. Hearing of trouble for the Coast Guard, WW was off. The episode quickly devolved into a lesson about the importance of brains versus brawn and then the bird accidentally warped everyone to ancient Greece. In addition to enabling some great Pi jokes, this gave Wonder Woman the chance to show off.

What a strange episode. It didn't disrespect Wonder Woman or anything, but it didn't really make her seem cool either. Luckily, she would be a part of the original Super Friends team, giving fans a chance to see a little more of her in action. Oh, and in case you were wondering, you need both brains and brawn. Duh.

Episode Count: 0201
Series Count: (1 of 1)
First Appearance (Official): Wonder Woman

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