31 July 2012

Watch the Official Dark Knight Returns Trailer Now

A couple months back a trailer for The Dark Knight Returns Part 1, DC's next animated feature, leaked online. Although I posted it, I was promptly slapped with a take down notice. FINALLY, the official trailer has been released via MTV Geek. Its pretty amazing - though it should be pointed out that it is not the same as the leaked trailer. The release date has also been listed as September 25. By the way, the leaked DVD cover (which I was also slapped for) has also been confirmed.Check 'em out:


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  1. gah, that's a terrible DVD cover. It's almost as bad as Justice League DOOM (probably same artist).

    1. Really? I can understand complaints that it doesn't really represent the material, but even more so than Doom I think its a pretty striking image that will help sell movies. Which of the covers have you enjoyed?

  2. They made a typo... 'Dark NIGHT Returns' and are still calling the line DC Universe. WB aren't exactly on the ball with this one are they?