10 August 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - City in a Bottle

 I hate to stereotype, but alien cavemen are always trouble. Once again, I guess Brainiac was busy but that didn't keep the writers from dishing out another entry in the surprisingly prolific bottled city genre.

 I know the laws of physics are not really at play here usually, but this episode had Superman flying through space faster than light. If the dude can really move that fast, why are any of these episodes longer than a nanosecond. Is Superman just afraid he would be showing off if he fixed things too fast? Also, even with a glass helmet, outer space may have been a bit chilly for Wonder Woman in her skimpy costume. One last gripe (for now). Why is it when things are shrunk, or monsterfied, or whatever, there is a time limit where the changes become irreversible? Mid-City had been big for its entire existence, why does 12 hours being small cause it to be small forever? and if a whole city fit in that bottle the Wonder Twins should have been microscopic. Oops that was too many gripes. This was a step down from the previous team episodes, but I admit that this series so far has been a lot more fun than the earlier Super Friends. It may be dumb, but at least its dumb fun, right Robin? "Just call him Super-drill!"

Episode Count: 0243
Series Count: (11 of 60)
Involuntary Shrinking Count: 0010

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