30 October 2012

Onscreen History of Firefly

Firefly made his print debut way back in 1952's Detective Comics #184. During the Silver Age, Firefly was obsessed with lighting effects though as the years passed, lighting made way for fire and firefly became a bit more of a pyromaniac.Firefly is slated to appear for the first time in live action as a former firefighter on the series Arrow.

Firefly made his onscreen debut in The New Adventures of Batman appearing in a pair of episodes including Torch Song and Legends of the Dark Knight.

In Justice League, Firefly would return, teaming up for a jailbreak with Volcana in Only a Dream.

In The Batman, Firefly made a number of appearances as an industrial saboteur before ultimately mutating into the super powered Phosphorus in White Heat.

In typical form, Batman: The Brave and the Bold took Firefly back to his roots with a classic look and a rainbow colored stooge.

On the other hand, Firefly got an ultra slick CG update in a tease included for a fictional Batgirl series pitched in the final episode of Brave and the Bold, Mitefall!


  1. thanks this is awesome! Firefly will be on Arrow being a former firefighter? Awesome!

  2. thanks he is one of my favorite villains he needs more screen time!