17 April 2013

Super History of Superman: Superman II (1981)

While Superman II may not be as "good" as Superman: The Movie, it is even more fun with the primary entertainment delivered by the three Kryptonian criminals teased in the first movie. As if outmatching Superman 3-to-1 wasn't enough, the villains arrived just after Superman had forfeited his powers. 

Of course, all was made right by the end with an all too conveinient amnesia bestowing kiss, but its hard to complain when the movie delivered some amazing action as the Kryptonians caused all sort of damage from small town Texas to the White House to the streets of Metropolis.

The movie is notorious for giving the Man of Steel extra powers, as if he didn't have enough. Along with the kiss, Superman could now teleport, make holograms of himself and throw his S-Shield. And yet, in spite of some of the silliness, the movie is incredibly entertaining. My favorite moments being the final minute of Superman outsmarting Zod. Accompanied by the majestic score, this is one of the greatest superhero moments of all time.

I should also mention that like Superman: The Movie, Superman II was quite influential as the hero wanting to quit and then coming to grips with his powers has been emulated in many superhero movie since including The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 2. Of course, this few hours of indiscretion by Kal-El is what also led to the semi-sequel / semi reboot deadbeat dad plot of Superman Returns. On the other hand, the two scenes of Clark being beat up and then teaching a lesson at the arctic diner were both pretty amazing.

While my mind is fully aware of some of this movie's shortcomings, it remains one of my top superhero sequels of all time and for the time being is my very favorite live-action Superman movie.

Check back next week for another chapter in The Super History of Superman.


  1. This Superman history series is great so far. Reeve was an excellent Superman, but to this day, when I read a Superman comic, the voice I "hear" in my head is Danny Dark.

  2. In both plot versions much much better than the first film. One of the greatest and brilliant sequels in superhero history! And best Supermen movie ever! Casting, music, action, drama, love, plot, special effects, costumes - all there is awesome!