24 December 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Darkseid's Golden Trap

That's more like it. This double length episode opened in a intergalactic black market auction showcasing all sorts of villainous weapons of destruction. But Darkseid's eye was on one prize, the rarest of rare, gold kryptonite which would rob Superman of his powers forever. How the aliens knew it would have that effect... who knows. It was also awesome how Darkseid bid a measly 1 buck and dared anyone to outbid him. That dude had a major intimidation factor.

There was also a nice gladiatorial battle between Kalibak and El Dorado involving flying beach balls... but I digress. Overall this episode did a great job of establishing Darkseid as a major threat  worthy of the Justice League and the gold kryptonite was a nice was to raise the tension. Of course the Super Friends would win in the end, but any amount of tension was a welcome surprise.

Episode Count: 0487
Series Count: (8 of 14)

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