05 December 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Star Master and the Solar Mirror

Admittedly, a three-eyed lion face dude has a pretty good look - sort of a Despero vibe, but flying around in a green submarine makes him seem like he is trying to hard to copy the Beetles. The quality of the episode sadly ended with that design.

The episode made a turn for the weird when Captain Marvel decided to enlist the help of students from Hero High, the companion series  in the Kid Super Power Hour. Thankfully, Glorious Gal and her pals rose to the challenge. Turns out all they needed to best Star Master was a mirror. The crossover was really a bit of a waste. Maybe Hero High was all the rage in 1981, but they didn't really do much and were kind of pointless. I guess it was only fair for them to visit as our heroes also paid their show a few visits...

Episode Count: 0476
Series Count: (12 of 12)

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