28 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Terror From The Phantom Zone

After a string of fairly lame adventures, we got a winner. Not only were we treated to the first appearances of red and blue kryptonite, but we also got 3 escapees from the Phantom Zone. Although Zod was not among them, Hul, Logar, Rom-Lok proved an entertaining trio.

Other highlights of this zany adventure were watching the rest of the Friends turned into phantoms, the aged Superman, the ridiculous Supermobile (why would superman need a spaceship, especially one with arms) and the ultimate fate of the Kryptonian criminals. It wasn't enough to just banish them back to the Phantom Zone. Superman made sure they got a dose of their own red kryptonite medicine making one shrink, one metal, and one hairy. These adventures don't seem like they  are ever going to be great, but at least this one was a ton of fun.

Episode Count: 0307
Series Count: (15 of 32)

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