30 September 2013

Onscreen History of Deadman

Not to be confused with Dick Grayson's Pa of the the Flying Graysons, Boston Brand AKA Deadman similarly met his demise during a trapeze themed murder. The hero made his print debut in 1967's Strange Adventures #205.

It would be nearly 40 years after being introduced in comics that Deadman would finally make his onscreen debut during the 2006 Justice League Unlimited episode, Dead Reckoning.

Deadman and Batman reteamed in Batman: The Brave and the Bold's Dawn of the Dead Man! In the episode, the duo teamed up against the classy but sinister Gentleman Ghost.

Although it is yet to air, Deadman got some additional love in the New Teen Titans short It's the Great Pumpkin Garfield Logan in which Robin dressed as the hero for Halloween.

In the Teen Titans Go! episode La Larva de Amor, a long gone Deadman made a quick cameo as Robin and the gang searched for a missing Silkie in every nook and cranny of Titans Tower.

Deadman finally got his own headlining gig with his own set of DC Nation shorts inspired by Casper the Friendly Ghost. Although Deadman was only given the green light for three shorts, hopefully he and his pet raven will be resurrected for another adorable set of adventures sometime soon.

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