02 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show Recap

After once again tinkering with the formula, Super Friends was back with a bit of a fresh boost that like a sugar-high quickly wore off. 10 minutes seemed a perfect length for most of the episodes allowing them a little time to breathe, but ending before dragging out somewhat hokey premises. Overall I enjoyed the series more than the last batch of 60 shorts, but I think it was wise that they would once again mix up the formula after this season.

The new elements that really worked during the season were Darkseid and Firestorm. Darkseid's presence added a new sense of peril. Even though he did not quite live up to his potential, his inclusion upped the ante giving the Friends a better villain to match off against. Firestorm, although perhaps a tad over powered, also enabled a fresh power set to the team and a variation on the standard Super Friends personality.

Returning villains did not work so well. Despite Brainiacs cool redesign, his plots were subpar. While Luthor's was when matched with Darkseid, his other appearances were not great. Also, I think by this point I am all Mxyptlked out. The imp has grown stale.


1. Darkseid's Golden Trap - What can I say? I loved the gold kyptonite hook. That combined with the uber intimidating Darkseid was a recipe for success.

2. Reflections in Crime - Mirror Master's debut was surprisingly satisfactory. Loved watching the various friends get trapped in shiny surfaces and Samurai's clever solution.

3. The Case of the Dreadful Dolls - Another surprise hit with a fresh villain.


1. The Mask of Mystery - Annoying lame kid saving the Justice League is not entertaining.

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