21 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Wild Cards

After over a decade the Joker's rights issues were resolved allowing him this single appearance in the Super Friends / Powers franchise... which really is a good thing since the series would have felt just a tad incomplete without one of DC's most iconic villains. Fitting also is the association of the Joker with the Royal Flush gang. I may be wrong but I don't think Joker was ever a member of the gang in the comics and so this was a pretty clever story point (there was a sometimes member named Wild Card in the comics who was actually GL villain Hector Hammond, but we are getting way off track). A little less expected was the relationship between the Joker and Darkseid... not exactly a match made in heaven, nor was it really needed.

Overall, the RF Gang was a lot of fun in this episode with great designs and enough team members to keep the various members of the Super Powers team occupied.

And even though I have given The Batman a hard time for turning people into cards, turns out that gag was done here first. This falls just short of the previous episode, but it was honestly another great effort and well worth checking out.

Also of note, the episode also had a quick cameo by Felix Faust who I believe will make a more substantial appearance in a future episode.

Episode Count: 0499
Series Count: (6 of 10)
First Appearance: Royal Flush Gang
First Appearance: Felix Faust

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