27 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Fire From Olympus

 Whereas the Ventriloquist is one of my favorite psychologically rooted, under utilized Bat-villains, Maxie Zeus is one of my least favorite. I suppose the idea of someone thinking they were actually Zeus could be interesting, Maxie Zeus is just incredibly cheesy. From his attire, to his name, to his living in a wannabe Percy Jackson style Mt. Olympus skyscraper, this one was mostly a miss for me.

It really is a shame that this one wasn't better. The metaphor of Maxie comparing Batman to Hades was clever, and Batman's previous run-ins with mythology inspired threats (ala the Riddler's Minotaur) have worked well. I also think the use of a giant electron gun to shoot lightning was a clever weapon for the character, but I just couldn't get past the toga.

Episode Count: 0588
Series Count: (54 of 81)
First Appearance: Maxie Zeus

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