03 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Harley and Ivy

Before this episode, Harley was already a breakout sidekick but this was her first step in becoming a free standing star among modern day Bat villains. This also revealed another level of jerkiness to the already despicable Joker who really cares for no one but himself - which only deepens the tragedy that is Harley Quinn.

Knowing that the duo would become a classic pairing, its a lot of fun seeing the first meeting between Harley and "Oaky" here. In fact, Harley also reveals Ivy as a more interesting and complex character. I don't think its quite as strong as some of the future episodes focusing on Harl, but this more than proved she was more than a silent sidekick to be left in the background. Harley had complexity, tragedy, and menace, all the ingredients of a classic Bat-rogue. 

Episode Count: 0577
Series Count: (43 of 81)

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