08 August 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Deep Freeze

 From the return of the cold and calculating Mr. Freeze to the interesting Easter eggs and homages peppered throughout, this was a massively entertaining episode.Who would have thought that anyone would crave Mr. Freeze's curse? But I suppose some would rather live forever than enjoy the life they have. Kind of funny given urban legends that it was a Walt Disney look-alike who wanted to cryogenically freeze himself. The portrayal of Freeze was once again solid. Yes, he is a villain, but only so far as his actions would help save his wife.

 In addition to the amazing robots who paid homage to Miyazaki's Laputa: The Castle in the Sky this episode also contained a few robotic nods to DC characters including Bat-Mite, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Krypto, and Streaky the Supercat who made his animation debut via robotic toy. Lots of fun here in this gem of an episode that I had almost completely forgotten which also expertly set up the SubZero movie which would follow a few years later.


Episode Count: 0607
Series Count: (73 of 81)
First Appearance: Streaky the Supercat

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