19 November 2012

Spotlight on Huntress - Update

Next week, Huntress will smash her way onto Arrow and some fresh images have hit the web.

Before she was a heroine, Huntress was the name of a DC supervillain, but the first heroic Huntress made her debut in 1977 in All Star Comics #69. Helena Wayne, daughter of Bruce Wayne and Catwoman would bear the name until Helena Rosa Bertinelli was introduced in 1989. The modern version would not be Batman's daughter but would fill in as Batgirl and as a member of the Birds of Prey.

1979 marked the onscreen debut of the Huntress in the horrendous live action variety show Legends of the Superheroes.

It wouldn't be until 2002's Birds of Prey series that the Huntress would again be seen. This series presented her true to the original comic book character-as the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Helena Kyle. "Batman's little girl is all grown up." She had some superpowers inherited from her apparently superpowered mother including enhanced agility, strength, healing, and a sixth sense for danger, as well as the ability to shift her eyes to a feline form giving her night vision. She was unaware of her father's identity and was raised by Catwoman until she ran out of lives. Helena as then taken in and raised by Barbara Gordon. The show lasted 13 episodes.

Justice League Unlimited introduced the Bertinelli Huntress in 2005. She was on the outs with the League teaming up with The Question to avenge her father's murder while tangling with Green Arrow and Black Canary.

And here we are.

Tonight's episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold is described as, "With the help of Blue Beetle and Huntress, Batman stops the criminal activities of Babyface and his wife Mrs. Manface, who try to break out their old gang from Blackgate Penitentiary, along with Calculator. Meanwhile, Blue Beetle develops a crush on Huntress. "

Good luck Huntress, its good to have you back.

UPDATE November 2012:

 The Huntress will join a slew of other DC heroes and villains debuting on Arrow.

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  1. She was 3 times in live action! That's great! But the best look she has in 2005 cartoon... I'd like to see a live action verison of that costume and mask (with some pretty actress, Ashley Green maybe).

    In "Birds of Prey" I love only a Bat-Girl, when Oracle finaly wear the costume again! They has a quite cameos of Batman, Joker, Cat Woman but has no masks on Huntress and both Black Cannaryes - thats totaly awfull!!! And Harley not wear arlequeen costume too... Only Bat Girl was good there. They deserve a teboot, series like "Arrow". Sad, that CW work on "Amazon" about Wonder Woman and don't want bring back "Birds of Prey" in new adaptation.