08 December 2009

Spotlight on Vulture

The classic Spider-Villain Vulture made his debut in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #2 in 1963.

Just a few years later, the vulture made his on screen debut in the 1967 Spider-Man animated series.

The flying menace returned in the 1981 Spider-Man animated series, looking as wussy as ever.

The 1990's Spider-Man series at least tried to make the character a little more intimidating. Like in other incarnations, the Vulture started off as an old bald dude, but was youthified and wore a costume that wouldn't be mistaken for pajamas.

This Vulture actually ended up being transformed into the Man-Spider, in a weird twist of fate.

The 1999 Spider-Man Unlimited series featured an "X-treme" Vulture from another dimension.

Finally, the 2008 Spectacular Spider-Man gave the Vulture a more traditional presentation, though giving him a new red and black color scheme after years of adorning pea green.

Although Vulture has not yet made his first live-action appearance, he is widely rumored to be one of the main foes in Spider-Man 4. My thoughts. I hope not. What a lame villain. While I admit, some aerial fights could be cool, I just have zero interest in seeing Spidey beat up on an old bald dude. I fear that the rumors are founded though as Vulture was originally going to be in Spider-Man 3 with Sandman until pressure was placed to use Venom instead. Time will tell, but there are plenty of other classic villains more deserving of their chance to tangle with Spidey.


  1. I`d rather the movie have Carnage, Black Cat, Rhino, or Mysterio.

  2. The rumour, (http://superherohype.com/news/spider-mannews.php?id=8896), is that John Malkovich will be playing the Vulture in SM4. How AWESOME would that be?!

  3. John Malkovich would be cool, I must admit.

  4. I love Malkovich but I think Ben Kingsley would make an interesting Vulture also.

  5. Come on I like Vulture. He is not a lame villain!