25 February 2010

Evolution of the Batman (and Robin) - Teen Titans

Beginning in 2003, Robin and the Teen Titans arrived for five seasons. Interestingly, this Robin really had no secret identity and Batman was barely even alluded to (in "Apprentice," Robin said that he already had a father and some bats were shown...). Instead the focus was on Robin, not as a sidekick, but as the team leader.

The season two future-based episode, "How Long is Forever?" revealed Robin's future identity as Nightwing.

Though Robin assumed another alter ego in season one, that of Red X.

The Red X persona was later assumed by an undisclosed villain who many (including Beast Boy) hypothesize was Jason Todd (comics' second Robin) who in other media became the villain Red Hood.

In "Fractured," Robin was visited by Larry AKA Nosyarg Kcid a Bat-Mite like bumbling fan of the Boy Wonder.

Robin was always the cool one of the group. When he went away for some training in "The Quest" the rest of the Titans all tried their hands at filling in for him. The Teen Titans series was effective in presenting Robin as a stand alone character, one that didn't need Batman to be a charismatic hero.

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