12 April 2010

Green Lantern's Brightest Days #16

#16 The Batman: Ring Toss

Aside from a couple of cameo appearances, it had been over 20 years since we had seen Hal Jordan in action when he finally arrived on The Batman. The episode Ring Toss offered up a traditional showdown between arch nemesis Hal Jordan and Sinestro and gave some shout outs to Hal's history as Sinestro's student and to Hal's day job as a test pilot, to which a starstruck Robin remarked, "even his secret identity is cool."

Unfortunately, the Penguin ended up with the ring for a time but was dealt with in fairly short order after a bit of a Sinestro smack down.

While it was annoying seeing a buffoon like the penguin able to use the power ring, at least he never was really able to master it. Seeing the Dark Knight wielding the ring, albeit briefly, pretty much canceled out the whole Penguin affair. In the end, the episode paid tribute to Hal Jordan, the ring's true master and it was Hal who ultimately turned the tide of the fight.

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