08 April 2010

Evolution of the Batman (and Robin) - Batman Begins

In 2005, Batman Begins convinced audiences that they wanted more Batman movies. Before its release, most people would have been perfectly content with the ones they had. The movie shattered low expectations and set a new standard for Batman movies. Though its $205 million was a modest take, buzz continued to build after the movie's video release paving the way for a Batslide in 2008.

Batman Begins returned to the origins of the Detective setting him in a grounded reality. And even though he did not get to appear in the shelved Batman Triumphant movie, the Scarecrow finally made his live-action debut - a perfect choice for the film's central theme of fear.

Most impressive was the use of Ra's Al Ghul. Not only was the integration with Batman's training genius, but the character was presented as both faithful to the comics, but also realistic. Batman Begins also marked the live-action debut for old Rashie.

Thank goodness Batman finally got his dignity back. Although the character had been consistently popular, Batman Begins was a turning point in once again making him cool.

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