15 October 2010

Three Marvel Heroes Headed for the Small Screen

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Marvel comics is working on two upcoming live action superhero shows for television. The first is Cloak and Dagger (unrelated to the spy movie about the kid with the video game full of secrets and the lady with the missing fingers) a duo of light / dark power users. The second is yet another Hulk project.

I guess Cloak and Dagger could be interesting, but I really have no idea what to expect just yet. Hulk on the other hand is a bit of a surprise. Marvel seems determined to milk the Jolly Jade Juggernaut for all he is worth. In just the last few years he has been booted, rebooted, and now recast for The Avengers. I don't think casual audiences are that stupid, but having a new Hulk every couple of years is a little distracting at the least. Also, a parallel show makes a Hulk sequel movie seem unlikely in the near future. I know Marvel wasn't thrilled with the box office take for The Incredible Hulk, but it still seems like movies are the way to go with this effects heavy character.

Who knows, maybe Hulk will finally recapture the success of his 70's TV series, but if they go for TV budget CG transformations, I am going to be pretty skeptical. Rumors are they are also considering a Punisher series. Whats next, Elektra? Sometimes you just need to move on from a movie bomb to something fresh. I mean, does Catwoman the TV show sound like a good idea?

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