11 October 2010

More Peeks at Animated Green (and Red) Lanterns

In early August, I promised you Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns would be making their way to animation in the upcoming all CGI animated Green Lantern series. Well, here is the first look of the atrocious one along with the angry round one, Zilius Zox. There are also some Guardians, a trio of Green Lanterns, including some unnamed Green woman, and of course Star Sapphire in waiting. Thanks to ComicBookMovie.com.

Also dropped was news that:

*The show will run for at least 26 episodes, with the first 13 episodes already planned out.

*The main villains of the show will be the Red Lanterns, although the other colored Lanterns will show up at some point.

*Sinestro will not feature in the first 13 episodes, although he will be getting built up over the course of the series for his eventual reveal.

*This is very much a space-based series, which means the other major DC superheroes won't be making any appearances anytime soon.

*A preview will come out in late 2011, but the series isn't slated to premiere until the spring of 2012.

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