07 September 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Luthor Strikes Again

Luthor is back! He kidnapped Jimmy to lure Superman into danger. It seems like kryptonite lasers are becoming his modus operandi. Luckily Supes found some lead based paint just in time. In the end Superman threw them all in vats of paint Goldfinger style. Isn't that lethal?

Best Part: Even though it was unintended humor, it was hilarious when Superman stumbled into a vat of paint that just happened to be lead based.

Worst Part: When did Luthor become the master of disguise. This is the second time, including The Deadly Dish, when Luthor wore a fake beard to trick Superman's friends. I mean, I guess if the ploy works... Also terrible was the closing joke about booking the criminals after they were tossed in paint. Jimmy quipped, "In a coloring book?" Oh Jimmy.

Episode Count: 0045
Series Count: (28 of 60)

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