09 September 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Pernicious Parasite

I. C. Harris (no relation to Futurama's I.C Wiener) became the Parasite! He could drain power from people and quickly realized Clark Kent was Superman due to his deep power reservoir. Even if it wasn't the real Parasite, this one was a keeper.

Best Part: I laughed out loud a couple times here. First, Superman's solution to stopping a missile from hitting the Washington Monument wasn't to stop the missile, but to bend the building. Huh!? Next, opted for a battering ram attack on the Parasite flying in headfirst. The Parasite must have drained some of Supes brains too.

Worst Part: Superman killed another guy. Sure he blamed greed for killing "Icy" but Superman made him absorb too much power knowing he would explode. Hopefully Superman at least helped mop up the mess.

Episode Count: 0047
Series Count: (30 of 60)
First Appearance: Parasite

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