12 October 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Luthor's Lethal Laser

At this point I am starting to empathize with the show creators. How many 6 minute tales can you really tell before running out of ideas. Obviously, less than 53. The series decided to double-up segments for the third season. Eight new stories consisting of two-part segments were made. Off we go...

Sound familiar? Pests were exiled to space, only this time the pests were the Daily Planet crew and Luthor was doing the exiling. How do you like them apples Superman. Anyways, with double the story time, you can imagine the plot was much more sophisticated. The key word is "imagine," because this was pretty much just as incoherent as ever. Superman went from one crisis to the next from missiles to tidal waves to lasers to shrinking to running out of O2 to moonquakes.

The two-part format also introduced what I imagine is going to be a new mainstay of the remaining stories, the cliffhanger. Part one ended with Superman heading to the moon to save Lois and Jimmy but losing precious seconds when an unexpected meteor shower appeared.

Best Part: I have to admit, the appearance of Brainiac was an unexpected treat. Without the new second act villain I am pretty sure the episode would have run out of story by 9 minutes tops.

Worst Part: This is the second episode in a row where Superman mounted a missile, and this time he did it more than once. What was he doing? And why was Lex's henchman named "Kinky?"

Episode Count: 0070
Series Count: (53 of 60)
Involuntary Shrinking Count: 0006

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