21 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - War of the Water Worlds

Mera the Queen of Atlantis appeared in the early Aquaman comics in the 60's and the two would tie the knot in an underwater sea-stravaganza in the 70s. Not only were Aquaman and his fishy bride the first of the high profile comic characters to get married, but A-Man was also the first to sire a son (that lucky shark), Aquababy. 

The uninitiated may not realize that Mera is actually from Dimension Aqua aka Xebel a penal colony for fish-folk and she has the unique power of Aquakinesis. For years, Mera played second fiddle to Aquaman, but in the recent Blackest Day DC mega event, possessing a red ring of rage, the crimson clad heroine stole the show gaining new found popularity.

In this episode "flame haired" Mera fell prey to a flower and spent the rest of the episode unconscious. In the mean time, Aqualad and his "big daddy" Aquaman ventured into a sub-ocean to rescue her. Ocean 2 was full of monsters and a mean dude, but luckily the lower sea was also full of loyal fish allowing A-Man to win the day.

Episode Count: 0116
Series Count: (06 of 36)

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