20 December 2011

Onscreen History of Icicle

One of the original "cool guys," Icicle was introduced in 1947's  All-American Comics #90 and frequently squared off against the Justice Society of America. 

Though never appearing on the actual Super Friends series, Icicle made a showing in an 80's era cereal commercial dubbed the "Post Super Heroes Create A Villain Contest."

During the Justice League episode Legends set in an alternate world, the Justice Guild, themselves homages to the JSA, faced off against homages of JSA villains. Among them, the JGA faced Dr. Blizzard, in tribute to Icicle.

In Superman / Batman: Public Enemies, Icicle joined a gaggle of icers in the hunt for the Man of Steel.

In 2010, the son of Icicle, Icicle Jr. was the main villain in the JSA featured Smallville event Absolute Justice.

Icicle Jr next appeared in the series premier of Young Justice in a coordinated ice-themed attack that eventually landed him in Belle Reve prison.

In Belle Reve, Junior was reunited with Icicle Sr, another icy supervillain with ties to the secretive and ominous Light.

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