19 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Sea Sorcerer

Its the Sea Sorcerer! Yikes. Not only could he conjure sandstorms, but he also commanded a fire breathing dragon. Sometimes I wonder if the show writers forgot that the show was set under water because there sure were an awful lot of fire based attacks. I guess at least this time it could be attributed to magic, but still I don't think that excuse works every time. Anyways, this Sorcerer guy was pretty tricky. First he attacked A-Man, then hid. Then he pretended to be a victim of the sorcerer to break up the underwater duo. Then he revealed himself AGAIN. He summoned some more fire and a little ice, but A-Man had had enough. One well placed water ball to the spell book took him out, but even if he showed up again Aquaman probably wouldn't have recognized him.

This was one of those really terrible episodes that comes up every so often. Its like the writers had 3 or 4 ideas for how the hero and villain should meet and rather than settling on 1, they used them all. So there is clash after clash following escape after escape until the end. But with only 6 minutes this kind of thing turns into a real mess of incompetence on both parties sides.

Episode Count: 0137
Series Count: (27 of 36)

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